Scout - The GPS (Global Positioning System) Unit




  1. Units and accessories

    This is where the fun begins ...

  2. Garmin GPSMap 76csx configuration

    This describes the configuration ot the units. Luckily this only has to be done once. The examples shown are related to the Garmin GPSMap 76csx, but is very similiar for the 60cx, 60csx, 76cx and can be used well for the 60c, 60cs, 76c and 76cs.

  3. MapSource - what is it and configuration

    What is MapSource? Description of it and it's configuration.

  4. Transfering and loading maps

    As long you stay within the region of the loaded maps you only have to do this once. If you go to a new region, remember to load the according maps.

  5. Transfering and loading routes, tracks and waypoints to the GPS

    Before you use your GPS becomes really useful you need to load Waypoints and/or Routes and/or Tracks. For Brevets we provide the file to load with all needed 'Waypoints', 'Routes' and 'Tracks'.

  6. Switching between car and bicycle

    How to switch the settings between car usage or bicycle usage. This is regulary the only setting that needs to be changed after the initial configuration.

  7. Finding a waypoint (finding the ride start)

    This will show you how to find with your car the route to a specific destination (Waypoint) e.g. the ride start to a Brevet.

  8. How to select a route with example related to Brevets

    This describes on how to select a route. The example used is the Feb 4, 2007 - 300km Brevet in Clermont (bicycling event).

  9. What to do immediately before the start

    This section describes what I recommend immediately to do before the ride start. It is like using your bike computer. You reset it before your start riding to get e.g. correct mileage and average.

  10. What you see while you are riding/driving

    This will show you what you will see turning driving / riding.